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16 Nov 22  Sunshine at first but some rain later.

We particularly wanted to see the Cathedral but we chose the wrong week -
it was closed to the public for university graduation ceremonies.
With the benefit of hindsight, we should have checked the website.

The Glass Bridge, next to Coventry Transport Museum, Millennium Place.

Statue of Sir Frank Whittle, inventor of the turbojet engine.
Sculpted by Faith Winter, 2007.  Millennium Place.

The Whittle Arch sculpture, Millennium Place.

The Whittle Arch sculpture with the Transport Museum behind.

The Old Blue Coat School building, built in 1856.  Priory Row.

'MICHAEL. An angels journey', a sculpture by Reinhard Pontius.

Holy Trinity Church and the MICHAEL sculpture.

The Chapel of Unity, Coventry Cathedral.

The magnificent Coventry Cathedral (Cathedral Church of Saint Michael).
Architect: Sir Basil Spence.

St Michael's Victory over the Devil
by Jacob Epstein.

The roof of the entrance porch from the ruins of the old cathedral.

The steeple, now used as a bell tower, from the ruins of the old cathedral.

Reconciliation, a sculpture by Josefina de Vasconcellos
in the ruins of the old cathedral.

Cross and pillars in the entrance porch.

The Baptistery Window, designed by John Piper.
We couldn't go in but I took this through a
window on the opposite side of the building.

The covered court of the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum.

Bayley Lane with the ruins of the old cathedral at left.

The Golden Cross Inn, Bayley Lane.  First mentioned as an
inn in 1661, the building is dated to 1583.  Grade II* listed.

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