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28 April 21   A couple of friends were coming over from Ireland for one night only so we arranged to meet at a camp site
near Wrenbury in Cheshire.  Before I booked in on the camp site I went for a walk along the Llangollen Canal at Wrenbury.
 It was actually cloudy and dull but you wouldn't believe it from the first three photos -
thanks to the amazing new Sky Replacement Tool in Photoshop.

Wrenbury lifting bridge (bridge number 20) and Wrenbury Mill, on the Llangollen canal.
The bridge was built around 1790 by Thomas Telford but now has a modern
mechanical crank to raise and lower the bridge.  It is grade II listed.

The lifting bridge, Wrenbury Mill and the marina.

Wrenbury Church bridge (bridge number 19).
Another of Thomas Telford's, also c1790, grade II* listed.

Narrowboat decorations.

Wear a mask!

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