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22 Mar 20       The Metrolink Trafford Park Line opened today with no fanfare due to the coronavirus situation.   The lockdown hadn't
been announced yet - that was to happen tomorrow.   I took a trip early in the morning to the end of the line at the Trafford Centre,
then walked back along the line to take photographs.   There were only about 5 people on the tram to the city centre
and only one other person on the Trafford Park Line tram.   Sunny.

'American' or 'Creole' Townhouse styled shopfront in the 'New Orleans'
themed area of the Trafford Centre shopping mall.

Spirit of New Orleans, a sculpture by Colin Spofforth.

Inside the Trafford Centre shopping mall - it was deserted.

Metrolink tram leaving the Trafford Centre stop.

Barton Dock Road stop.  The shed on the left is Event City.

Barton Dock Road stop.

Passing the Holiday Inn Express, Barton Dock Rd.

Crossing the Bridgewater Canal, Barton Dock Rd.

At the Parkway stop, Parkway Circle.

Near the Parkway stop, Parkway Circle.

Village Way, Trafford Park.

Bee-sy Rider, by Anne-Marie Byrne.   One of the Bee in the City sculptures,
now outside an office building on Village Way, Trafford Park.

Village Way, Trafford Park.

Shops on Third Avenue, in the Village, Trafford Park.

Barber shop sign and pole on Third Avenue, Village.

The derelict Trafford Park Hotel, Trafford Park.

The Village stop, Village Way, Trafford Park.

Approaching the tower blocks of MediaCityUK, Warren Bruce Rd., Trafford.
The grey factory style wall is the backdrop of ITV's Coronation Street set.

Approaching the Imperial War Museum North, Trafford Wharf Rd.

Imperial War Museum, Quay West building and the Imperial War
Museum stop, Trafford Wharf Rd.

The Imperial War Museum North building from the Imperial War Museum stop.

Approaching the Quay West building.

At the Wharfside stop, Wharfside, Old Trafford.
Behind is the No.1 Trafford Park apartment block.

MediaCityUK from near the Wharfside stop.

The Clippers Quay apartments from the Wharfside stop.

At the Wharfside stop.

The Gnome Island, a former bridge support, in the Manchester Ship Canal/River Irwell.
 The gnomes obviously didn't get the memo about social distancing.

Alongside the Manchester Ship Canal near the Wharfside stop.

Approaching the Pomona stop where it joins the existing Eccles line.

Skyhooks, a sculpture by Brian Fell, with a crane on
the site of the No.1 Trafford Park apartment block.

The Clippers Quay apartment blocks, by the Manchester Ship Canal/River Irwell.

The Bridgewater Canal below the Pomona tram stop.
I walked along the canal back to the city centre.

The Axis Tower apartment block, Whitworth St. West.

The Axis Tower from the Rochdale Canal.

Now that the tower is completed and occupied it's worth a
reminder of the tiny space that this was built on....

The Affinity Living (at Circle Square), Artisan Heights and
Liberty Living apartment blocks from Whitworth St. West.

The No.1 St. Peter's Square and the Landmark
office buildings, Oxford Street.

Another recently completed building - The Landmark.

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