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09 Dec 19       A round from Hathersage, over Stanage Edge and Higgar Tor.   Sunny - a beautiful day.

Cogger's Lane.. whisper it.

The Hope Valley and Rushup Edge from Ridgeway Side, near Hathersage.

The Hope Valley and Mam Tor from Ridgeway Side.

Win Hill from Ridgeway Side.

The sun was casting my shadow directly along the line of the footpath.

Stanage Edge from Ridgeway Side.

Abandoned millstones below Stanage Edge.  The sandstone around here is
called Millstone Grit - the clue is in the name.  Once artificially manufactured
millstones were introduced the industry was killed off virtually overnight.

High Neb, the highest point on Stanage Edge (458m).

The Kinder Scout plateau from High Neb.

There is little running water on Stanage Moor so when the moors were
being developed for grouse shooting in the early part of the 20th century
these water holes and runnels were cut into the rocks to provide water
for the grouse.   They are all numbered and there are believed to be 108
of them spread around the moor.

Another of the water troughs cut into a rock slab.

Stanage Edge.

The Hope Valley and Mam Tor from the edge.

Along the Edge.

Anti-erosion measures.

The trig point at the southern end of Stanage Edge,
just one metre lower than High Neb.

On Higgar Tor.

Higgar Tor.

Carl Wark from Higgar Tor.

Over Owler Tor.

Over Owler rocks.

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