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13 Aug 19       Another tramp along the mean streets.   Sunny.

The Weavers Quay apartment block is now completed
and occupied.  Old Mill Street, New Islington, Ancoats.

The Blossom Street apartment block (under construction),
Great Ancoats Street

Sisyphus, by Axel Void, Addington Street, Northern Quarter

The Angel Gardens apartment blocks nearing completion.

The Rochdale Canal at the base of the Axis Tower apartment block.
This is also nearing completion and the crash platform over the canal has been removed.

The Rochdale Canal and the Axis Tower from Deansgate Locks.

The Axis Tower from Whitworth Street West.

Deansgate Square.

The tallest of the towers, the West Tower, is finished
and it's now possible to get up close and personal.

Work continues on the other towers.

The Trilogy apartment block, Chester Road.

The Insitu architectural salvage shop and The Trilogy apartment block.

The Insitu architectural salvage shop.  It was originally the Commercial Hotel,
then the Turville Public House, then The Last Hop.  Grade II listed.

The Quay West office building and the future Imperial War Museum
Metrolink tram stop.  Trafford Park.

The Imperial War Museum and the new tram stop.

The Wharfside tram stop.

Wharfside has now gained tram tracks.

As also the ramp up to the Pomona stop.

The new junction at the Pomona stop.

One of the X1 Manchester Waters apartment blocks under
construction, by the Manchester Ship Canal, Pomona Island.

The Deansgate Square apartment blocks from the
Deansgate-Castlefield footbridge, Whitworth Street West.

The Peterloo Massacre memorial, designed by Jeremy Deller.

When I passed on the tram this morning it was still fenced off.

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