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22 Mar 19       The Isle of Mull.  A walk around the Calgary Sculpture Trail.

Showers in the morning, then sunny until more showers rolled in later in the afternoon.

The Caledonian MacBrayne vehicle ferry, the MV Hallaig, at Lochaline, Morvern

The Brian Molyneux memorial cairn (founder of the Tour of Mull Rally),
above Dervaig, Isle of Mull.

Willow Arch, a sculpture by Trevor Leat, at the Calgary
Sculpture Walk, Calgary Bay.

Willow Stag, by Trevor Leat.

Willow Stag, by Trevor Leat.

Leaf Seat, by Helen Mortley.

Willow Arch, possibly by Trevor Leat but I'm not sure.

Basking Shark, by Matthew Reade.

Bird sculpture.  Artist not known.

Charred timber fencing with vertebrae bones and sea shells.

Peace Cascade, by Patrick Elder.

The Calgary Art in Nature visitor centre building.

Calgary Mosaic, by Rae Tiernan.

Phoenix Rising, by Patrick Elder.

Metal fern sculpture.   Artist not known.

Crossed leaves sculpture.

Crossed leaves and other sculptures.  Artist not known

Metal 'Peas in a Pod' sculpture.  Artist not known

A naturally sculptured tree.

Oystercatchers, by Andy Mortley and Lisa McKenna.

Willow Tunnel, by Pip Weaser.

Tree Spirit, by Lisa McKenna.

In Dreaming, by Lee Hendrick.

In Dreaming.

From the Sea, by Claire McNiven.

From the Sea.

Kittiwake, a cabin available for hire.

The Ben More range over Loch na Keal.

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