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26 Feb 19       Edale.  Sunny and ridiculously warm.

The Great Ridge, between Edale and the Hope valley, from Mam Tor.

The Hope Cement Works in the Hope Valley.

The head of Edale and the road down from Mam Nick.

One of the plaques illustrating Iron Age artefacts set into
the paving stones of the path up Mam Tor.

Rushup Edge from the path up Mam Tor.

Packhorse Bridge at the foot of Jacobs Ladder, Edale.
Believed to date from the 17th century.  Grade II listed.

The Kinder Scout plateau from the bridleway leading to Hayfield.

Kinder Scout from the top of Jacob's Ladder.

Edale from the top of Jacob's Ladder.

Edale Cross, also known as Champion Cross.

Millstone Grit rock outcrops near Kinder Low summit.

Kinder Reservoir, from near Kinder Low summit.

Manchester city centre from Kinder Low.

The trig point at Kinder Low summit.

A walker at the Wool Packs rocks, on the Kinder Scout plateau above Edale.

Swine's Back from the Wool Packs.

Swine's Back from the Wool Packs.

The head of Edale from the Wool Packs.

Edale from the Kinder Scout plateau.

Crowden Head from above Crowden Clough.

A search and rescue helicopter came buzzing around.

Above Crowden Tower.

Heading for Grindslow Knoll.

Footpath restoration.

From the edge of Grindslow Knoll I could see that there was a rescue
in progress down in Grindsbrook Clough.

More airborne activities.

The head of Edale over Crowden Brook, from the path down Grindslow Knoll.

On the footpath below Broadlee-bank Tor.

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