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15 Nov 18       A stroll from Ancoats to Pomona.  Sunny.

The Islington Wharf, Islington Wharf Locks (under construction)
and Chips apartments blocks from the Ashton Canal, Ancoats.

The Cotton Field Wharf apartment blocks, from Cotton Field Park, Ancoats.

The Weavers Quay apartment block (under construction) from Cotton Field Park.

The Angel Gardens apartments (under construction).

Angel Gardens.

One of the Deansgate Square tower blocks (under
construction) from Corporation Street.

The 'One Greengate' and the 'Anaconda Cut' apartment
blocks, Salford, from Cathedral Gardens.

Sign on a market stall.

Metrolink Trafford Park Line under construction -
the first platform sections arrive at the Wharfside stop.

The ramp leading down from the Pomona stop.

Under Trafford road bridge.

The Bridgewater canal near Pomona.

The X1 Manchester Waters development at Pomona.

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