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20 April 18       A walk around Renish Point, near Rodel, South Harris, Western Isles.
Showers at first, brighter later but very windy again.

The tower of St. Clements Church at Rodel (Roghadal) over Loch Roghadail.

Renish Point (Rubha Reinis) over Loch Roghadail.

Ceapabhal and Grèabhal from the trig point at Renish Point.

Looking over the Sound of Harris from Renish Point.

Roineabhal (460m) from Renish Point.

The Sound of Harris from the western side of the Renish Point peninsula.

The Isle of Skye from the Renish Point peninsula.

Roineabhal from the Renish Point peninsula.

Ceapabhal, Grèabhal and Roineabhal from the Renish Point peninsula.

One of the locals.

Renish Point (Rubha Reinis) over Loch Roghadail.

The inlet of Ob Leasaid from the 'Golden Road', the coast road
on the eastern side of the South Harris peninsula.

Legend has it that it's called the Golden Road because it cost a fortune build.
 However, that's a myth - in fact it was relatively inexpensive
and built largely by local labour.

On the Golden Road.

Back at Luskentyre sands, setting up for a timelapse.

Unfortunately, things went downhill from here.  The next day I drove out Huisinis, out on the west coast of North Harris, with a view
to tackling the North Harris hills.  The weather took a turn for the worse but also I had been losing water coolant from the car engine -
fortunately I had fitted a low water alarm when I first bought it.  I've hardly ever had to top up the water but, as I got near Huisinis,
for the third time this trip the alarm went off so I decided to investigate.  To my horror I found the hose from the engine to the radiator
had perished and was weeping coolant.  It hadn't actually split but was very soft and swollen.  Fortunately I've always carried some
emergency repair tape, so I used this, some duct tape and dozens of tie-wraps.  The weather outlook was pretty grim so I booked
on the ferry the following day and headed home.  The emergency repair worked well and I didn't have to top it up again.

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