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18 March 18       The 'Mini Beast' had a bit more bite to it than the previous 'Beast from the East' a couple of weeks ago.
I had a walk to Daisy Nook Country Park.  Snow at first, with a strong bitterly cold wind.

The scene in my garden this morning.

Snow drifts at the front.

Sunnybank Park at left.

Not quite tropical weather at the moment.

Wavy snow drifts.

Tricky on the roads.

Some signs of spring.

Along the towpath of the former Hollinwood Branch Canal,
now a Nature Reserve.

Cinderland bridge.

Some parts of the canal are still in water.

Footbridge (in case you hadn't guessed).

Snow plough on the M60.

Daisy Nook Country Park.  The snow had just begun to
thaw but was lingering on the gaps between the stones.

Daisy Nook Country Park.

Mini snow drifts on a former canal lock.

Lingering ice.

Steep steps down to a road.

One of the local's footprints.

Crime Lake.  This was created accidentally during the canal construction.  An embankment was built
to carry the canal across the steep-sided valley of Wood Park Clough, with a culvert to take the small
stream below.  However, part of the embankment collapsed, blocking the culvert.  This caused the
stream to flood and fill the valley behind the embankment, submerging two cottages.
 The name existed in the area before the lake was created and was originally spelt 'Chrime'.
 Years ago Daisy Nook and Crime Lake were popular for days out and the western end
of Crime Lake boasted several tea rooms, refreshment stalls and rowing boats for hire.

Orienteering marker with QR code.

The 'Dark Tunnel'.  Originally a tunnel (properly called Waterhouses Tunnel),
it was opened out into a cutting in the 1920s after several roof collapses.

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