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7 February 18       Along the river Irwell from Pomona to Salford Quays.  Sunny.

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The Exchange Quay and Soapworks buildings reflected in the river Irwell.

The Soapworks with a passing Waxi water taxi.

Waxi water taxi.

The former Pomona Docks, soon to be redeveloped after years of lying derelict.

Pomona Docks.

The Metrolink tram viaduct - Irwell on the left, Bridgewater Canal on the right.

Trafford Road Swing Bridge, built 1892, which crosses the river Irwell,
which is also an extension of the Manchester Ship Canal. 
Behind is the Clippers Quay development.

Trafford Road Swing Bridge.  It no longer swings as another carriageway
is now built alongside.

The former bridge control tower - now a pigeon loft.

The base of a railway swing bridge which was moved to Salford Quays
and is now the Detroit footbridge.

Now home to a miniature garden complete with gnomes.

Salford Quays - the Abito apartment block at Clippers Quay, over South Bay.

The Imperial Point apartment block and an office block on
Waterfront Quay, from St. Francis Basin.

The 'X1 The Gateway' apartment block under construction,
from St. Louis Basin.

The 'X1 The Gateway' apartment block under construction,
and the Ibis Budget Hotel, from St. Peter Basin.

The X1 MediaCity apartment blocks, the Victoria office building
and the Mariners Canal, from Ontario Basin.

The Erie Basin apartment blocks under construction and the
Millennium Tower apartments, Erie Basin.

Detroit Bridge, a former railway swing bridge which now separates
Erie and Huron Basins.

Erie Basin from the Detroit Bridge.

The Regent office building nearing completion, Erie Basin.
It will be the new headquarters of BUPA.

The Regent.

The X1 MediaCity apartment blocks, one completed,
one under construction and two more yet to start.

Mobikes at MediaCityUK.  A dock-free bikeshare scheme.
The bikes have a GPS tracker and can be left at designated sites.

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