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Peak District

26 November 17       Lose Hill to Mam Tor.  Frequent showers of snow, hail and rain.

Rainbows at the caravan site in the Hope Valley.

Cheshire Cheese Inn at Hope village.

Lose Hill from near Losehill Farm.

Heading up Lose Hill.

The summit of Lose Hill just after a heavy shower had passed.

A brief burst of sunshine on Back Tor.  Mam Tor in cloud in the distance.

Descending the east ridge of Back Tor.

The upper Hope Valley from the east ridge of Back Tor.

The lone tree on Back Tor.

The cloud never cleared off the Kinder plateau all day.

Lose Hill from Back Tor.

The well made path up Mam Tor.

Heading up Mam Tor.

Looking back along the 'Great Ridge' to Lose Hill.

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