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22 November 17       Newark, Nottinghamshire.  Cloudy.

Market Square.

Newark Royal Market.

The former Old White Hart Inn (14-15th century).

The former Moot Hall.  The building originally dates from c.1708, but was
dismantled and rebuilt brick-by-brick (using the original bricks) in the 1960s.

The Church of St Mary Magadalene.

The reredos, by Ninian Comper 1937.

The Church of St Mary Magadalene.

Church Street.

The Ossington Coffee Palace (Ernest George & Peto 1882)
now a restaurant and apartments.

Newark Castle.

The Edwardian river cruiser M.V. Sonning on the river Trent.

M.V. Sonning and Newark.

The Newark Tactile Bronze braille map.

Chain Lane.

The Queen's Head public house (early 16th century).

Newark Town Hall, Market Square.

A vintage water pump, Market Square.

The old Buttermarket arcade below the Town Hall.

The Buttermarket.

The Assembly Room, Newark Town Hall.

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