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17 July 17       Ashton under Lyne, mainly to photograph the Sixth Form college entrance.  Sunny.

Cranes on the Henrietta Street bridge.  The rail line through
Ashton is being electrified and several bridges have to be raised.

The Clarendon College building (IBI Taylor Young 2015).

Entrance to the Sixth Form college building (GA Studio Architects 2014).

Albion United Reformed Church (John Brooke 1895).

A new building under construction in the town centre.

It has the snappy name, the Advanced Skills Centre for Tameside College -
Joint Service Centre for Tameside Council
Trips off the tongue doesn't it.

The Ladysmith pub.

Ashton Old Baths (Hugh Mason House), a grade 2 former swimming baths,
opened in 1870, now converted to modern offices, Henry Square.

Chambers Mews, a row of new terraced townhouses, Bentinck Street.

Tameside Centre for Enterprise building, Stamford Street.

The former Egret Mill (1864), now an office building, Old Street.

The Library and Art Gallery building (John Eaton and Sons 1891) Old St.

Wire sculpture of a man reading a newspaper, outside the Library building.

Details not known.

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