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12 July 17       A wander through Ancoats into town to catch up on the latest developments.   Sunny.

The cladding nearly completed on the Cotton Field Wharf apartments.
At Cotton Field Park marina, New Islington.

Extension to the Murrays' Mills complex which is undergoing
conversion to apartments.

A lot of apartments are going up in Ancoats at the
moment - this is Sawmill Court.

The Sawmill Court and Smith's Yard developments.

A smaller development of terraced townhouses, called Residenza.
In the foreground is Serafino's Stone.  This part of Ancoats was once
known as 'Little Italy'.  Serafino De Felice worked for many years
to help fellow Italians and to preserve the area's heritage.

Cutting Room Square, now almost completely surrounded by building sites.
The restored former church of St. Peter is now a rehearsal
space for the Hallé Orchestra.

Wall mural 'Human Dignity Is Inviolable' by CASE (Case MacLaim),
Cable Street, Northern Quarter.

Two new murals by Brazilian street artist Mateus Bailon.

The CIS building and the core of the Angel Gardens apartments
development, which has shot up since my last trip into town.
This is just half the finished height.

Another core which has shot up, this time for the Hotel Indigo
development.  When I photographed the mural on this site,
on May 3rd, it hadn't even risen above the hoarding.

The Hotel Indigo site from Balloon Street.

Entrance to the new Q-Park Embankment car park,
Greengate Square, Salford.

The Exchange Court (under construction) and the newly completed
One Greengate apartment blocks, from Greengate, Salford.

Exchange Court.

Installing a window panel on the Exchange Court
apartment block.

One Greengate.

Rooftop conference - spot the 'management'.

New rail bridges nearing completion over Trinity Way and the river Irwell,
for the Ordsall Chord rail link project.

Restaurant seating outside the XYZ building, in
the Hardman Boulevard canyon, Spinningfields.

The Axis Tower apartment block under construction, a complex
build with the temporary platform over the Rochdale canal.

A bee, the symbol of Manchester, set into a paving stone, First Street.

The Home building, a cinema, theatre and arts centre.  Tony Wilson Place,
First Street.  Lots of people watching Wimbledon tennis on a big screen.
Not me though, I'd rather watch paint dry.

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