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20 June 17       Caithness to Orkney.  Mostly cloudy at first but cleared later to give a fine afternoon and evening.

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The catamaran 'MV Pentalina' of Pentland Ferries approaching Gills Bay.

On board the Pentalina, leaving Gills Bay.  Last on and first off.

After arriving at St. Margaret's Hope on South Ronaldsay I drove over to the Orkney Mainland
and then walked the coastal path around Mull Head to the Covenanters' Memorial.

The route first passes the Gloup, from the
Old Norse gluppa meaning 'chasm'.

The next point of interest is the Brough of Deerness.

The visible ruins are of a 10th century chapel but there is
archaeological evidence of a larger Viking settlement.

Access to the Brough is by a steep and narrow path with a chain handrail.

A deep and narrow geo.

At the trig point on Mull Head.

Cliffs at Mull Head.

The Covenanters' Memorial.  Around 200 drowned in 1679 when their ship,
the 'Crown of London' foundered on the rocks below the memorial.  They
were locked below decks while being transported to the Americas after
being taken prisoner following the Battle of Bothwell Brig.

There is a short cut back to the car park from the memorial but it heads away
from the coast through farm land.  The skies were clearing and it looked like
being a fine evening so I decided to return back along the coast.

Heading back to Mull Head.

I spotted this from the track - no, I've no idea...

The bay of Den Wick and Mull Head.

Looking back to the Covenanters' Memorial.

Back at Mull Head.

Looking south to the Brough of Deerness.

The Brough of Deerness.

Another visit to the Brough, looking to the islands of Copinsay
(with the lighthouse) and the Horse of Copinsay.

It looked like it was shaping up to be a fine sunset so I
strolled back yet again to the trig point on Mull Head.

While waiting for the sunset the Northlink ferry, the MV Hrossey,
passed by en route from the Shetland Isles to Kirkwall.

Sunset from Mull Head.

Of course sunset at this time of year is very late - my last photo was timed
at 10:28pm - so it was about 11.15pm when I got back to the camper van.
 Far too late to be looking for a camp site so I just pitched up on the
car park for the night.  Dinner was a little late.

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