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20 September 16       A wander around the Northern Quarter to photograph the wall murals.  Overcast.

'Sisyphus', by Axel Void.

'Human Dignity Is Inviolable' by CASE (Case MacLaim).

'City in a bottle', by Phlegm.

'War impact in children lives', by Hyuro.

Anthony Burgess, the author of 'A Clockwork Orange', by Tank Petrol

The following four mosaics are on windows of the Afflecks store...

Cat by Christian Guémy, known as C215.

By Mïlak.

By Tankpetrol.




By Dale Grimshaw, dedicated to the people of Papua New Guinea.

'Hercules Fighting the Centaur Nessus',
by Spanish duo Pichiavo.

By Nomad Clan.

Christian Guémy.

'Inhuman barriers' by Never Crew.

Christian Guémy.

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