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30 August 16   part 2        Lichfield Cathedral.

Lichfield Cathedral from the Minster Pool Walk,

The West Front from the Close.

The West Front and spires from the north west.

The West Front.

Statues around the central door of the West Front.

Statue of the Virgin and Child at the central door, West Front.

The southern door of the West Front.

Statue on the West Front.

Statue of Henry III on the West Front.

The Great Spire from the south east.

The Great Spire and a stone sundial on a pedestal.

The south transept window and south doorway.

The Lady Chapel from the east.

Modern stone carving on the exterior of the Lady Chapel.

The south doorway.

The Nave.

The High Altar from the Quire.

The Quire.

The Skidmore Screen and Quire.

One of the eight angels, each playing a musical
instrument, at the top of the Skidmore Screen.

The Eagle Lectern.

The Bishop's Chair.

The south transept.

Detail from the South Transept window, depicting Christ in Glory.

Stained glass window showing the severe damage inflicted during the Civil War.

Stained glass windows in the Lady Chapel.

The Reredos in the Lady Chapel.

Detail from The Reredos in the Lady Chapel.

The Vestibule.

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