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30 August 16   part 1        I took a lot of photos of the cathedral so I've put these on the next page.    Sunny.

St. John's Hospital building.

St. John's Hospital courtyard, with 'Noah and the Dove'.

'Noah and the Dove', a sculpture by Simon Manby 2006.

St. Mary's church from Breadmarket Street.

The spire of St. Mary's church.

The Cathedral from Cathedral Close.

Beacon Park.

Statue of Edward John Smith, captain of the Titanic,
by Kathleen Scott (1914), in Beacon Park.  Kathleen
Scott was the wife of Robert Falcon Scott of Antarctic fame.

Plaque of the Martyrs, Beacon Park.

Detail from the Plaque of the Martyrs.

'Doctor Samuel Johnson', mosaic by John Myatt, 1976.
On a wall in Bird Street.

Dam Street.

Bird Street.

No. 6 Sandford St.  A listed mid to late 16th century timber framed building.

No. 6 Sandford St.

Bore Street.

Bore Street.

Antiques shop off Dam Street.

'The Little Shop' shop in Dam Street.

Causeway House (16th century), Dam Street.

Signpost pointing to Lichfield's twin towns.

'James Boswell' by Percy Hetherington Fitzgerald,
in the Market Square.

On the plinth of the Boswell statue.

'Samuel Johnson' by Richard Cockle Lucas 1838,
in the Market Square.

The Lichfield Garrick Theatre (Short & Associates 2003).

Ventilation vents at the Garrick Theatre building.

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