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June 1984        After my latest visit to the Isle of Rum I thought it might be interesting to dig out my old
transparencies (remember film?) from my first visit in 1984.  Most of them were general landscapes plus
quite a few shots of flowers (mostly out of focus) which I've not bothered to scan.  The new piers on the
Small Isles weren't opened until 2004; until then, for more than a century, passengers and goods had
to transfer to a small 'flit boat'.  We went there at the start of the Spring Bank holiday weekend and I
seem to recall the Rum flit boat had to make two trips to transfer all the visitors and baggage.

The Rum flit boat as we arrive at Rum.

The Isle of Skye from Bloodstone Hill.

During this period Rum (or Rhum as it was spelt then) was the centre for
the reintroduction of the White Tailed Sea Eagle.  Fledglings were
brought from Norway and as they grew were kept on a tether next to
these tent-like shelters until they were ready to be released into the wild.

Dibidil bothy on a very wet day.

On the way to Guirdil bothy - collecting driftwood from the beach at Glen
Shellesder.  Then, as now, there was no firewood to be found at Guirdil Bay.

Evening at Guirdil bothy.

Inside Guirdil bothy.

The flit boat at the old Kinloch pier.

Warm, still and humid - perfect midge weather.

The Rum flit boat, heading back for a second load.

Squashed in like sardines.

Transferring the baggage.

The Muck flit boat with the Sgurr of Eigg behind.

'elf an' safety..? - not a lifebelt in sight.

The Eigg flit boat.

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