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14 March 16        A walk along the Rochdale and Bridgewater Canals to Salford Quays.  Sunny.

At long last the three-way footbridge over the Rochdale Canal, Ancoats, has reopened.

One of the Ancoats Peeps art installations.  The Ancoats Peeps are a series
of brass eyepieces set into walls.  Through these peepholes you can glimpse
a space or sculptures that have been walled up for some time,
but are not entirely still.

The notorious 'Undercroft' on the Rochdale Canal,
in the city centre.

Plans have been approved to install gates at each end of this stretch of canal
that has claimed several lives in recent years and is a hotspot for robberies
and anti-social behaviour.  The gates will be closed from 10pm to 7am
but boaters will still be able to open the canal locks when the towpath is shut.

I've never encountered any trouble walking through here,
but then I've never walked through it at night.

The new Holiday Inn nearing completion, Aytoun Street.

Banner on a building being refurbished, Chorlton Street.

Mural of Tony Wilson, by Stewy, on a metal grill at the Hacienda
Apartments, Rochdale Canal towpath.

A very narrow old factory or warehouse, by the Rochdale Canal.

The Beetham Tower between the Victorian railway viaducts at Castlefield.

Narrowboats on the Bridgewater Canal, Castlefield.

The Pod, Worsley Street.  Originally a sales office for
Urban Splash, now Thornley Groves.

One of the St. Georges Island apartment blocks, and the Bridgewater Canal.
Branching off on the right is the Hulme Locks Junction Canal which once
formed an important connection between the Bridgewater Canal and the River
Irwell - Manchester Ship Canal.  The canal, which is only 200 meters in length,
opened in 1938 but is in a state of decline today.  A new lock built in 1995,
in the vicinity of Pomona Dock Number 3, has replaced it.

Derelict lock gates on Hulme Locks Junction Canal.

Apartment blocks, built and under construction, by the River Irwell, Salford.

The St. Georges Island apartment blocks, from the Bridgewater Canal.

Metrolink tram on the viaduct alongside the Bridgewater Canal.

The Pomona tram stop.

The Throstle Nest footbridge over the Bridgewater Canal, Old Trafford.

Metrolink tram crossing the river Irwell-Manchester Ship Canal at Pomona Strand.
Here will be the junction for the future Trafford Park Line which will branch off
directly towards the camera.

Hotel Football, Old Trafford.

The new Pier 8 restaurant and bar is now open at the Lowry, Salford Quays.

The 'Tomorrow' office and hotel development under
construction on Broadway, MediaCity.

'Anchorage', a sculpture by Wendy Taylor CBE, Salford Quays.

Sunset at Salford Quays.

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