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Rochdale and Oldham

7 November 16       Mainly to photograph the new statue of Gracie Fields in Rochdale
and the refurbished Old Town Hall in Oldham.  Sunny.

Demolition of Telegraph House, Rochdale.

Water spray cannon for dust suppression.

College Bank Flats, built 1963-65.  Known locally as 'The Seven Sisters'.

The Town Hall from the Memorial Gardens.

The Cenotaph, by Sir Edwin Lutyens 1922,
and the Town Hall.

Bench with war memorial design as the back rest, Memorial Gardens.

Memorial Gardens.

Statue of Gracie Fields, by Sean Hedges-Quinn 2016.

Lighting display in the No.1 Riverside building.

Inside the No.1 Riverside building.

Oldham.  The glass extension to the Old Town Hall,
a redevelopment as a cinema and restaurant complex.

Owl sculpture on a column, Yorkshire Street
Behind is the tower of the church of St. Mary.

The Owl is depicted on the Coat of Arms of Oldham.

The War Memorial, by Albert Toft, 1923.

The Parish Church of St. Mary with St. Peter.

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