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7 September 15           Bury and Manchester.   Mostly sunny.

Up to Bury to drop off the Bongo for MOT test and service, then jumped
on a tram to Manchester for a wander round while it was being done.

Exhibits for the 'Bury in Bloom' festival.

These willow creations are by Cherry Chung.

Manchester Victoria station.  On the left are the new tracks
for the Second City Crossing currently under construction.

At the moment there is single-line running through St. Peter's Square while a new
tram stop and track are built.  Temporary points are installed on Mosley Street
and the trams use the old token system to ensure there are not two trams
going in opposite directions on the single section.

Mosley Street.

Mosley Street.  The concrete blocks support temporary
posts for the overhead line power lines.

The single-line section through St. Peter's Square.

At frequent intervals along the Heras fencing there are 'insulation gaps',
presumably to localise any danger if the overhead line should come
down and electrify the fence.

Noise absorption baffles next to the Midland Hotel.

The new staircase at the Deansgate-Castlefield tram stop.

The staircase bridges the Rochdale Canal.

The Rochdale Canal from the staircase.

The restaurants and bars of Deansgate Locks.

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