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7 August 15        A walk through the University campus to Fallowfield and Withington,
mainly to photograph two recently completed buildings, the National Graphene
Institute and the Manchester Cancer Research Centre.    Mostly sunny.

The National Graphene Institute.

The Kilburn Building, School of Computer
Science, University of Manchester.

The University Precinct bridge over Oxford Road, soon to be demolished.

Manchester Academy building (Academy 1), Oxford Road.

Manchester University Tower, Manchester Museum.

Statue of John Owens above the door of the
Manchester University Tower.

The 'Toast Rack', or the Hollings Building to give it its posh name.
Formerly the Domestic Trades College, which became part of
Manchester Polytechnic, then Manchester Metropolitan University.
 Currently empty, awaiting redevelopment.

The former White Lion Hotel (built 1880, grade II listed),
Fallowfield.  Now a 'Sainsbury's Local' shop.

The Red Lion pub, Withington's oldest building, Grade II Listed.

The Manchester Cancer Research Centre.  Wilson Mason, 2015

On a building site next to Christie's Hospital -
a famous quote by Benjamin Disraeli.

A quick tram detour to look at the new Wythenshawe Transport
Interchange, otherwise known as a bus station.

Wythenshawe Forum, a leisure and business centre.

Artwork, by Dashyline, outside the Forum.

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