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Newcastle - Gateshead

16 July 15        Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead.    Cloudy in the morning but it cleared to give a fine afternoon.

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Durham railway station.

Newcastle station.

Newcastle station.

'Swirl' by Colin Rose, outside the Baltic Arts Centre.

The Sage Centre, Gateshead.

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge
designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects.

Half open.  The bridge rotates to allow boats to pass under it.

Fully open.

The Tyne bridges from the Millenium Bridge.

'Blacksmiths Needle', by the
British Artist Blacksmiths Association, 1997.

Detail from the 'Blacksmiths Needle'.

The Baltic Arts Centre and the Sage Centre.

The Tyne bridges again, this time including the Millenium Bridge.

The Sage Centre and the Millenium Bridge.

The Millenium Bridge from the viewing platform on the Baltic Centre.

Newcastle from the viewing platform.

Kittiwakes on the Baltic Centre.   The River Tyne is home to around 975 pairs of Kittiwakes,
including a colony of over 700 pairs at Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside, which is the furthest
inland in the world (they normally nest on cliffs).  There is a glass sided viewing platform
next to this ledge and the birds don't seem to be bothered by the presence of humans.
Most of the birds nest beneath the Tyne bridges - best not to linger under them..!

The Swing Bridge.  Completed in 1876 and at the time of construction
it was the largest swing bridge ever built.

The High Level Bridge with the Tyne Bridge and the Swing Bridge behind.

The Swing Bridge and the Tyne Bridge from the High Level Bridge.

'Neptune and Fishwives' by George Burn, on the Old Fish Market building.

Newcastle Castle, the Keep.

Bessie Surtees House, former merchants' houses (16th-17th cent.)

16th century former merchant's house.

Archway carrying the High Level Bridge across the Close.

Newcastle Cathedral tower.

The lantern spire of Newcastle Cathedral.
Constructed in 1448, for hundreds of years it was a
main navigation point for ships using the River Tyne.

Newcastle Cathedral (The Cathedral Church of St Nicholas).

Newcastle Cathedral.

Newcastle Cathedral.  The East window from the nave.

Central Arcade, an Edwardian (1906) shopping arcade.

Lloyd's Bank building, Grey Street.

Theatre Royal building (John and Benjamin Green, 1837).

Lamps on the Theatre Royal with Grey's Monument behind.

42-50 Grey Street building.  Circa 1960 rebuilding of 1836 work by John Dobson.

A street just called 'Side'.

Lower down 'Side'.

Phoenix House, built circa 1869 by Parnell for the Royal Insurance Company.

Corner of Queen Street and Akenside Hill, under the Tyne Bridge.

One of the pillars of the Tyne Bridge.

The Tyne Bridge.

The Sage Centre.

'River God' by André Wallace.

'River God' and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Ornate iron railings by Alan Dawson (1996), Sandgate Steps, Quayside.

Sandgate Steps, Baltic Art Centre and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Quayside

A last look at the Sage Centre and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge from the Quayside.
Time for a welcome pint or two before catching my train back to Durham.

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