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15 July 15        Durham city.    Mostly sunny.

I've left these photos in the order I took them but I was criss-crossing
the city at various times of the day and so these may appear a bit random.

Framwellgate Bridge over the river Wear.

Framwellgate Bridge.

Church of St Nicholas and the Market Place.

Statue of Charles Vane, 3rd Marquess of Londonderry.

Church of St Nicholas from the Market Place.

Saddler Street.

Looking toward Elvet Bridge from Saddler Street.

The Shakespeare, Saddler Street.

'Cuthbert of Farne', a sculpture in elm wood by
Fenwick Lawson, at the Durham Heritage Centre.

Elvet Bridge.

Durham Cathedral and city from the south east.

Zooming in the Cathedral...

...and the Castle.

Another view of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral over the river Wear.

The Cathedral cloister.

Stone column opposite the Durham Heritage Centre and Museum.

Durham Heritage Centre and Museum is housed in an historic
Grade I Listed Building, close to the Cathedral, once the parish
church of the North Bailey.  It was rebuilt in the 17th Century
and retains impressive woodwork from that period.

"The Journey", a sculpture by Fenwick Lawson (2008).
Depicts the story of monks carrying the body of St. Cuthbert
before their journey's end marked the foundation of Durham
in 995.  Located in Millennium Square when this was taken
but it's due to be moved to the grounds of Durham Cathedral
because of vandalism.

Freemans Quay Leisure Centre building.

Sculptural fencing at the Freemans Quay Leisure Centre.

The gatehouse of the former Kepier Hospital (Hospital of St Giles of Kepier).

Kepier Hospital gatehouse.

Penny Ferry Bridge (opened 2002) over the river Wear.
So called because there used to be a small passenger ferry here and the
fare was a penny.  You would never have guessed that would you...

Durham Cathedral from under Framwellgate bridge.

Framwellgate bridge.

Durham Castle from Framwellgate Bridge.

Framwellgate Bridge.

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