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9 July 15, part A        Pickering to Whitby on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.   Mostly sunny.
I took a lot of photos today so I've split them into two pages.

LNER Q6 0-8-0 No. 63395 steam locomotive at Pickering Station.

Wooden teak passenger carriages.

No. 63395 having swapped ends.

Pickering station.

Coupling up the coaches.

Vintage passenger carriages at Grosmont Station.

Grosmont Station.  The last section of the route, from Grosmont to Whitby,
is shared with the Esk Valley line operated by Network Rail.  Our train
terminated at Grosmont so those of us who were continuing to Whitby
had to wait a while for the Whitby train.  No problem though,
there's plenty to see and it has a tea room..!

Changing ends again.

Grosmont Station with a glimpse of the North Yorkshire Moors in the distance.

Tunnel, built by George Stephenson in 1833-5, at Grosmont.  Believed to be
the world's earliest passenger railway tunnel.  The first carriages to run
through the tunnel were horse drawn and only carried ten passengers.

The Whitby train arrives, pulled by BR Standard 4MT
4-6-0 No.75029 'The Green Night'.

Whitby railway station.

'The Green Night' at Whitby.

'The Green Night' at Whitby.

'Whitby Jet Line' a mural in Whitby railway station.

Back at Pickering (obviously).

Pickering railway station.

Vintage weighing scales.

Vintage press-button telephone box.

And today's bonus video....

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