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21 Jun 15        A couple of friends came over from Nottingham to visit the Whitworth Art Gallery,
which has recently reopened after a major redevelopment.  Cloudy and dull outside.
All these were taken with my mobile phone, Motorola Moto X.

'Unmanned Nature', gunpowder drawings by Cai Guo-Qiang.

Installation by Sarah Lucas, the wallpaper is called 'Tits in Space'.

Print exhibition by Thomas Schütte.

We had just sat down and ordered some lunch in the cafe when the fire
alarm went off and we were all turfed out of the building.

Which gave me the chance to admire the brickwork....

....and the garden.

After the all clear (false alarm) I managed to grab a couple of
shots of the almost empty cafe before it filled up again.

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