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17 April 15      Etihad Stadium again.  I was lucky today as I arrived just as they were about to fit the
second set of the lower tie-ropes.  I stayed around to watch - for about four hours..!
 Cloudy at first, then sunny, then cloudy again towards evening.

The lower end of the first two tie ropes showing the temporary holding rig.

The new tie ropes are supported by the large tube affair, on the right, suspended
from the crane.  The top of the tie ropes can be seen just below the access platform.

Slowly edging the tie ropes into place.

Nearly there.

Delicate work for the crane operator -
this is why they get serious money.

Slowly does it.

The crane couldn't quite get it in the right place so they
had to pull it into place with some slings and a ratchet.

When all else fails, use a bloody big hammer...!


Meanwhile, the bottom end is being lined up with the temporary rig.

Removing the slings etc.

The temporary clamps are in place and the carrier rig is lowered away.

The tie ropes are released as the carrier rig is lowered.

Job done..!

This was taken a couple of days later but it is more relevant here -
it shows the hydraulic jacks which will be used to tension the tie ropes.

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