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10 March 15      A visit to the Whitworth Art Gallery followed by a walk back to the city centre.
 On the way home I stopped off at the Etihad Stadium to check progress.  Mostly sunny.

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No.1 St. Peter's Square.  Glenn Howells architects, 2014.

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
Feilden Clegg Bradley, 2012.

On the Ormond Building, Manchester Metropolitan University All Saint's Campus.

The Manchester Student Safety TV Bike.  Well, that's what they call it on their
Facebook page but the pedants among us would point out that 'bike' is short for
bicycle and a bicycle of course only has two wheels.  You probably haven't failed
to notice that this contraption has four wheels, therefore, one feels, it would be
more accurate to call it a quadracycle.  Or something.

The new cafe extension to the Whitworth Art Gallery, which I
failed to get in as there was a long queue and life's too short.

Whitworth Park sculptures - 'The Gallery in the Park'
'Phalanx' by Michael Lyons, 1977.

'Terminal' and 'Untitled' by Bernard Schottlander, both 1964.
I'm not sure which is which.

The Whitworth Art Gallery.

'Hippocratic Tree' by Christine Borland, 2015.

The National Graphene Institute building is almost finished.

Due to open shortly.

A small public square on the Manchester University Campus.

The Upper Brook Street Chapel.  Said to be the first neogothic Nonconformist
chapel, constructed between 1837 and 1839 and designed by Sir Charles Barry,
who later went on to design the Palace of Westminster.

School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science.
The James Chadwick building.  Halliday Meecham, 2012.

Off Canal Street, Manchester's gay village area.

Mural on The Molly House, featuring gay and feminist icons.  From the top -
Anna Phylactic  Emmeline Pankhurst  Foo Foo Lammar  Quentin Crisp  Alan Turing

Quentin Crisp and Alan Turing.

Wood carving on an old tree trunk by Shane Green.
Transgender Remembrance Memorial Garden, Sackville Gardens.

The Beacon of Hope, by Warren Chapman and Jess Byrne-Daniels, 1997.
Transgender Remembrance Memorial Garden, Sackville Gardens.

Sackville Gardens and the Shina Simon Campus building.
Shena Dorothy Simon (1883-1972) was a politician and educational reformer who
founded the "Women Citizens' Association" in Manchester, a local branch of the
National Women Citizens' Association.  Her husband was Lord Mayor
of Manchester from 1921 to 1922.

The Rembrandt, Canal Street.

Etihad Stadium, South Stand expansion project.

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