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3 March 15      The Metrolink tram stop at Victoria Station re-opened a few days ago so I
jumped on a tram to have a look.  Cloudy at first after a stormy night but brighter later.

New platforms and an extra track have been installed.

Still plenty of work to be done on the roof but it's getting there.

The ETFE panels are steadily being installed -
almost 400 of them and every one different..!

It had been a very stormy night with frequent hail and snow showers and at first
glance I thought they had weighted the safety nets with bags to stop them blowing
about, but when I looked more closely through the telephoto lens I realised it
was piles of hail and snow that had collected in the nets.

The complex crossover that's been installed in preparation for the Second City Crossing.

The Second City Crossing route goes off to the right outside the station.

A 'double' enters the station.

Still a lot to do but already quite a transformation from
what was one of the grimmest rail stations in the country.

Balloon Street is now back to two-way working.

The Second City Crossing route goes along Corporation Street.

The first section of track is already down at the site of the future Exchange Square stop.

Another length of track is in place further along Corporation Street.

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