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18 February 15      I've been building myself a new computer.

Motherboard - Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z
CPU - AMD FX-8350 8-core
Cooler - ARCTIC Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2
RAM - HyperX 8gb (2x 4gb matched pair)

The motherboard with the CPU, cooler unit and
memory, ready to be installed into the case.

Almost ready for the big switch on (still one drive to be fitted).

Case - Xigmatek Asgard ATX Midi
Power Supply - Powercool 850w
Graphics card - AMD Radion GDDR5
DVD writer - Samsung 24x SATA DVD Writer
Extra chassis fan - Cooler Master 120mm silent Chassis Fan
4 hard drives - 1) Western Digital 2Tb (Black), 2) Western Digital 4Tb (Green),
3 and 4) 2x 250Gb drives taken from my old computer

All up and running.

New computer outputs to three monitors with the main Photoshop screen uncluttered on my main monitor
(Dell U2410), Photoshop browser (Bridge) on the left hand monitor, and all panels, tools etc. on the right.
Right hand monitor also connected to old computer (used for backups and music files) and I can switch
the monitor between the two computers.  Small Lilliput monitor above the main monitor shows what's
happening on the old computer while the right hand monitor is switched to the new.

I bought the Lilliput monitor to use with my camera (Nikon D300) when doing close-ups etc. as it's much
easier to view this screen than trying to peer down the viewfinder when it's on a copy stand or something.

I did a speed comparison between the two computers - a batch conversion on 50 Nikon raw files,
converting them to 16 bit tiffs at approximately 70mb per file.  The old computer
took 9 minutes and 12 seconds, the new computer 1 minute 24 secs.  Nice....!

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