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1 February 15      Bamford to Edale via Win Hill and Lose Hill.
Cloudy and grey at first but the sun gradually broke through to give a stunning afternoon.

The route first crosses the river Derwent on this bridge-cum-stepping stones affair.

'Fire' - one of the exhibits on the Bamford Touchstones Sculpture Trail.
Made by village residents and children.

The Thornhill Trail, a former narrow-gauge railway which was
used during the construction of the Ladybower Reservoir.

The summit of Win Hill, just as the sun makes a weak appearance.

Heading down the west ridge of Win Hill.

Looking back to Win Hill.

The Hope Valley and shapely snow drifts.

Lose Hill, just left of centre, with the Kinder Scout plateau behind.

The clouds are clearing rapidly now.

A mountain biker struggles through the snow.

Edale from the path down from Wooler Knoll.

Lose Hill looking very impressive in the snow.

At the summit of Lose Hill.

Looking along the 'Great Ridge' to Mam Tor.

Lots of deep drifts on the lee side of the wall.

Superb views over Edale to the Kinder plateau.

Traversing over Back Tor.

Edale from Back Tor.

Looking back to Tor.

Back along the ridge to Back Tor and Lose Hill.  Win Hill is the knobbly
bit on the horizon just to the right of the foreground figure.

Grindslow Knoll and Grindsbrook Clough.

Approaching the col at Hollins Cross.

A huge snow drift across the path - note the fence.

More snow drifts.

Edale and the Kinder Plateau from Hollins Cross.

Lose Hill, Back Tor and the Moon.

Grindsbrook Clough and Edale village (or more accurately Grindsbrook Booth).

A last look at the Kinder Scout panorama before I dropped down to Edale station, only to find I had about an
hour and a half to wait for the next train.  If I had waited on the station platform I probably would have frozen
to death so I was forced to struggle on for another fifty metres to the Rambler Inn - life is hard at times.
 After stumbling into the pub I pointed at the first pump that caught my eye and ordered a pint.  I took
a sip while waiting for my change and it seemed a bit sweet - it wasn't until I had taken a full swig that I
realised it was cider.  Next time I'll put my glasses on first.  Still, I was gasping and so it slipped down
very nicely thank you, and I followed it up with a pint of Hobgoblin, which also slipped
down very nicely.  A great way to end a superb day.

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