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13 December 14       Train to Glossop then across the tops to Edale and the train back
to Manchester, making use of a Wayfarer ticket.  Sunny on the tops at first but fog
over Manchester and the Cheshire plains lifted into low cloud later as the wind picked up.

Yellowslacks Brook and we have a problem..!

Temporary (I hope) crossing point.

First snow of the winter on Bleaklow.

Fog down below.

Bleaklow from the Doctor's Gate path, over Yellowslacks Brook.

Yellowslacks Brook.

Bleaklow and the Pennine Way at Hope Woodlands Moor.

The Pennine Way footpath over Mill Hill.

Very icy - even my Rud shoe chains were struggling to get a grip in places.

Bleaklow from Mill Hill.

The fog lifts into low cloud as I approach the Kinder Scout plateau.

The mist lifted briefly at the top of Williams Clough.

But clagged in again as soon as I reached the plateau.

I didn't drop out of the cloud until just above Edale Cross.
A bit disappointing after the bright sunshine this morning.
Still, I can drown my sorrows with a couple of pints at
the Old Nags Head... cheers..!

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