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19 November 14       Around the City Centre.  Mostly cloudy.

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Workmen installing the ETFE panels on the new roof of Victoria Station.

Meanwhile it's now full steam ahead on the Metrolink Second City Crossing.

Exchange Square, site of a future tram stop.

Cross Street. The site of a former burial ground is being
excavated before work commences on the tram tracks.

Albert Square, and the Christmas Markets have begun.

St.Peter's Square - the Town Hall Extension arcade.

The artist Robert Pointon at work in St. Peter's Square.

The No.1 St. Peter's Square building. Floodlit tonight
as there's a knees-up to celebrate its completion.

St. Peter's Square with the newly relocated Cenotaph.

St. Peter's Square.

Central Library.

A group contemplate the remembrance wreaths.

At the Cenotaph.

Albert Square and the Christmas markets are in full swing.

The Rosso Bar suitably decorated.

A street in Chinatown.

Piccadilly Gardens.

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