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2 October 14    A walk through Ancoats to view the latest developments
then into town for a walkabout, as you do.  Sunny.

Islington Wharf apartment block and the Chips building from the Ashton Canal
I've photographed this view umpteen times before but I can never resist another one..!

Former lock keeper's cottage, currently undergoing renovation,
with the new Islington Wharf Mews development behind.

Islington Wharf Mews, almost finished.
I hope they tidy up the canal arm a bit.

The Three Towers project.  Three council-owned tower blocks
which have stood empty for fifteen years are being renovated,
bringing 192 residential properties back into use.

Recently completed The Point apartments.

The former St Peter's Church, now a permanent
rehearsal centre for the Hallé orchestra.

Superb brickwork on the former church.

Cutting Room Square, watched over by five giant monoliths.  Each one
frames an enlarged photograph by Ancoats artist-in-residence Dan Dubowitz.
The building on the right is the Ice Plant.  Built for the storage of fruit, vegetables
and fish, it got its name from the fact that it has an attached ice-making plant.
Now converted to apartments.

St Peter's Church from Cutting Room Square.

The trolleys were used in the cotton mills which surround the square,
most of which have been, or are about to be, converted to apartments.

Cutting Room Square, recently enlarged.

St Peter's Church.

NQ4 apartments.  The least said about this abomination the better.
Probably nothing wrong with the development itself but in my opinion
it's totally out of place here, in what's supposed to be a conservation area.

Paragon Mill, built 1912 (Listed Grade II*).  Now apartments.

Nuovo apartments.  Completed at last, the former Sarah Point
development was stalled for several years after the developer
crashed into administration in May 2008.

The Daily Express building (Sir Owen Williams 1939) and
the Derros Building (W. R. Sharp 1899), Great Ancoats Street.

Sign on the Angel pub, Angel Street, Northern Quarter.

One Angel Square (3DReid 2013), the new Co-Op headquarters.  These sculptural
structures outside the building are actually for the ventilation and heating system.

Victoria Station.  As part of the renovation work the Victorian wrought
iron canopy is being refurbished.  The glass will be put back at a later date.

The first of the ETFE pneumatic panels (not yet inflated) are being installed
on the new roof.

The last of the roof ribs is being welded together.

The Corporation Street footbridge, site of the 1996 IRA bomb, and the post box
which survived the blast.   The contents were delivered a few days later.

The Royal Exchange building.

The Conservatory, New Market street.  As yet, I've not
been able to find out anything about this building.

The Albert Memorial, Albert Square.
Thomas Worthington 1865-6.  Statue by Matthew Noble.

William Ewart Gladstone, Albert Square.

The recently relocated Cenotaph, St. Peter's Square.

Thankfully now cleaned after being vandalised by the
local skateboarding and/or BMX riding scrotes.

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