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29 September 14    The work to relocate the Cenotaph in St. Peter's Square
was finished on Friday so I popped down to have a look.  Mostly cloudy.

Munroe's Hotel dwarfed by the new Motel One development.


Some details of the Chinese Arch.

Utility works for the Second City Crossing tram route.

The relocated Cenotaph with the Town Hall behind.

St. Peter's Square with new paving and benches.  The tarmaced area to the right
will eventually be paved with the same paving stones.  Before that though the
tram stop is to be rebuilt with an extra platform, existing tram tracks relocated
and the Second City Crossing tracks added.  Work starts in earnest in the New Year.

Arcade on the Town Hall extension building.

Only opened to the public a couple of days ago and already the
brain-dead are using it as a skateboarding and BMX park.

Update - the Manchester Evening News has got hold of the story - that photo looks familiar..!

Update 2 (6 Oct)- it has now been cleaned and is to have 24-hour CCTV.

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