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21 August 14    Droylsden.

A walk along the canal to see what's happening at the Marina development.  Cloudy.

After phase one was built the recession hit and the development stalled.
Plenty of work going on now though.

Looks like building may be starting on the other side of the marina as well.

Meanwhile, between the marina and the main road, work has started on
the new headquarters of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund.

And it's shooting up..!

On the way back I tried out the camera on my new mobile phone - Motorola Moto X.

It's got a neat panorama mode - just tap the screen, move the camera slowly in an arc and it produces a ready-made panorama.
At full size on the computer screen you can see 'jaggies' but it's certainly good enough for web pages.  This was taken in my local pub.

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