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21 July 14    Roof repairs.  Hot and sunny.

On my 'to-do' list this summer was fitting a new skylight window in the roof and re-pointing the chimney and ridge tiles.
 The hinges of the skylight window had corroded away and I could lift it right off.  It was a heavy cast iron affair which
weighed a ton so it never occurred to me for a second that it could be blown off, but that's exactly what happened during
the severe storm of the 12th February.  I suspect a mini-vortex passed over causing a sudden pressure drop which lifted it
off and smashed it to bits in my garden, where it took a chunk out of one of my wheelie bins - fortunately I wasn't putting
anything in it at the time.  There followed a hectic couple of hours jury-rigging a temporary cover made from one of my
bedroom cupboard doors, which was the only thing I could find which was big enough to cover it..!  Fortunately not much
rain came inside as most of it seemed to be blowing straight over the roof.  Anyway, I fitted a new Velux Skylight earlier
this month, which gives easy access to the roof.  So, on to the chimney...

Below the skylight is a window to allow light onto the landing, so
firstly I had to construct a strong hinged board to cover this.

Then a short step ladder to the skylight.

Then more steps to hook over the roof.

I rigged up my old climbing rope around the chimney, secured it inside the loft
and tied myself on to it with a sling.  Fortunately I could just about manage to
squeeze in to my old Whillans climbing harness.

A pause to admire the view.

My garden - must cut the grass..!.

The west facing side of the chimney (on the right) was
by far the worst as it gets the prevailing weather.

Just the west side to do now but I'd had enough for today - the heat was crippling.

Most of the ridge tiles were still firmly attached and just needed
pointing in places.  Only two were loose and needed re-setting.

The distant Pennines.

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