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4 July 14    A stroll around town, in the (hazy) sunshine this time,
then to the Quays for a cappuccino pint, as you do.

The new children's playground in Piccadilly Gardens.

The new roof is taking shape at Victoria Station.

The largest of the ribs (yet to be installed) weighs 87 tonnes and is 95 metres long.

Manchester Cathedral.

Statue on the Cathedral wall.

Water feature in Cathedral Gardens.

No.1 Deansgate - window cleaning.

A hut in need of a haircut.

Something to do with this...

At the old Granada studios - a 'fan park' or some such cobblers, to do with the
World Cup (that's football, just in case you are as totally indifferent as I am).

The junction of the Rochdale and Bridgewater canals.

More window cleaning.


Okay, I won't.

'Filing cabinet' wall at the First Street site.

Installing platform slabs at the Deansgate-Castlefield tram stop.

Maintenance at the Beetham Tower.

MediaCityUK.  The new bench/interactive sculpture.

The 'interactive' bit is this pod.  It has a touch sensitive screen
where you can select the colours to be displayed on the ITV
logo above.  I could hardly contain my excitement.

By the looks of it, not much excitement
at Wimbledon either at the moment.

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