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Sutherland, Scotland

26 May 14    Caithness to Sutherland, then an evening walk to Sandwood Bay.  Rain at first, some sunshine later.

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On the north coast of Sutherland, near Rispond.

Whiten Head in the distance.

Cloud clearing off Cranstackie, Strath Dionard.

Cranstackie over Loch Tarbhaidh.

After parking up on the basic camp site at Sheigra on the west coast I went
for what was supposed to be an evening 'stroll' north along the coast towards
Sandwood Bay.  I kept on the higher ground which was a bit less boggy and
had better views, including this one of Arkle.

Ben Stack over the village of Sheigra.

Foinaven and Arkle from the trig point on Cnoc Poll a' Mhurain (153m)

Ben Stack from Cnoc Poll a' Mhurain.

Foinaven, Arkle and Ben Stack from Cnoc Poll a' Mhurain.

Ben Stack.

A pinnacle on the coast.

The Cape Wrath lighthouse shows up in the evening sun.

10.00pm, Sandwood Bay.  I hadn't intended to walk as far as Sandwood Bay but it was such a fine
evening I just sort of carried on, and ended up on the hill to the south of the bay, Druim na Buainn.
 It was just a short drop to the much improved track and an easy walk back to the road.  I made
it back to the camp site at about 11.30 with just about enough light not to require a torch.

The sunset fizzled out to nothing though.

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