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16 April 14  Mainly around the University campus.  Sunny.

City Tower (formerly the Sunley Building, Piccadilly Plaza) from George Street.

Chimneys, Oxford Street.

The Tootal, Broadhurst and Lee Building (now Churchgate House),
Oxford Street.  J.Gibbons Sankey, 1898.

The Student Castle building.

Manchester Aquatics Centre.  Faulkner Brown, 1997.

The Royal Northern College of Music building.

School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science.
The James Chadwick building.  Halliday Meecham, 2012.

Sir James Chadwick CH FRS (1891 - 1974) was an English physicist who was awarded the 1935 Nobel Prize
in physics for his discovery of the neutron in 1932.  He wrote the final draft of the MAUD Report, which
inspired the U.S. government to begin serious atomic bomb research efforts.  He was the head of the British
scientists who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II.  He was knighted in England in November 1945 for
achievements in physics.  He was a graduate of the University of Manchester, where he studied under Ernest Rutherford.

The National Graphene Institute building under construction.

The Alan Turing building (left) and the
George Kenyon Building (accommodation).

The tower of the Whitworth Building.

Alan Gilbert Learning Commons building.

The Old Quadrangle buildings.

Alan Gilbert Learning Commons building.

The Contact Theatre.  Alan Short and associates, 1999.

The Contact Theatre.

The Catholic Church of The Holy Name of Jesus, Oxford Road.

The Visitor Centre.  John McAslan and Partners, 2007.

The Rutherford Building.

The Humanities building.

The Arthur Lewis Building.

Sir William Arthur Lewis (1915 - 1991) was a Saint Lucian economist well
known for his contributions in the field of economic development.
In 1979 he won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

Manchester Metropolitan University, Birley Fields Campus Academic building.

This building is huge..!

The Hulme Arch.

Parkway Gate student accommodation blocks.

Parkway Gate.

The former Macintosh Mill (now apartments) and Student Castle buildings.

Cleaning windows, Piccadilly Place.

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