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15 April 14  A walk through Moses Gate Country Park to the Meccano Bridge,
then to the town centre.  Sunny.

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One of the lakes at Moses Gate Country Park,
a former mill pond for Crompton Paper Mills.

One of the locals.

Weir on the river Croal.

The river Croal.

The Meccano Bridge, over the former Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal.

Designed by Liam Curtin.

The bridge is made from giant Meccano scaled up by ten times.
Each part, including the nuts and bolts, was faithfully rendered at the new scale.

The only part that couldn't be reproduced with Meccano was
the decking - the holes would be too big for walking on.

Alongside the bridge is a picnic area with two picnic tables,
also made from giant Meccano parts.

Just above the bridge a section of the canal in still in water.

A short towpath walk brings me back to the Country Park.

More locals

There's a lot of 'em about.

To the town centre and through the Newport Street bridge.

The elephant in the er.. street.

The elephant on the roof.

The magnificent Town Hall, Victoria Square.

The Town Hall from Victoria Square.

'Peace Seeing the Horrors of War'
on the War Memorial, Victoria Square.

The Magistrate's Court, Le Mans Crescent.

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