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13 Jan 14   Causeymire, Dunbeath and Helmsdale, Caithness.  A glorious day at last
after a generally dull, wet and mild Christmas and New Year.

Causeymire wind farm.

'Kenn and the Salmon' statue at Dunbeath.  Celebrates the life of novelist
Neil M. Gunn.  He was born in Dunbeath in 1891 and played a role in the
development of nationalism in Scotland in the first half of the 20th Century.

The beach at Dunbeath.


Dunbeath harbour.

Dunbeath harbour.

Memorial to the SS 'Gretafield', Dunbeath harbour.
Torpedoed off Wick in 1940.

Dunbeath harbour.

Dunbeath bay.

The old and new A9 bridges over the Dunbeath Water.

The harbour at Helmsdale.

Double cone shaped net signifying that a vessel is engaged in fishing.
This is an obligatory requirement set out in the 'International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea',
which states that vessels engaged in fishing shall exhibit a 'shape consisting of two cones with apexes together
in a vertical line one above the other'.  Under the Regulations, all other vessels must give way to a fishing
vessel displaying this shape.  However, some fishermen wrongly leave this shape aloft all the time,
such as when they're on the way to or from the fishing grounds or even when, as here, in harbour.

Lobster pots at the harbour, Helmsdale.

Helmsdale harbour.

Helmsdale harbour.

Helmsdale harbour and the A9 bridge.

Shore Street, Helmsdale.

Sculptures on the gate of the Ice House, Helmsdale.
By artist Ruth Macdougall and sculptor Sam Barlow.

The Ice House.

Kildonan War Memorial and Clock Tower, Helmsdale.

'The Emigrants' by Gerald Laing, Helmsdale.
A memorial to the Clearances.

"Commemorates the people of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland who, in the face
of great adversity, sought freedom, hope and justice beyond these shores.  They and their
descendants went forth and explored continents, built great countries and cities and gave
their enterprise and culture to the world.  This is their legacy.
 Their voices will echo forever thro the empty straths and glens of their homeland".

Helmsdale harbour and the new A9 bridge.

The old A9 road bridge over the river Helmsdale.

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