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28 August 13   Ashton-under-Lyne.   Cloudy.

Daylight testing began today on the Metrolink extension from Droylsden to Ashton-under-Lyne.

Inbound on Manchester Road, Droylsden.

Past Ashton Moss stop the tracks cross over to the central reservation of
Lord Sheldon Way.  Most of the trams were turning back here so I didn't
manage to catch any going through Audenshaw.

Lord Sheldon Way.  From here the trams run in the wide central reservation
(or 'median strip' to give it its posh name).

Over the M60 motorway bridge.

At the roundabout on Lord Sheldon Way.

Lord Sheldon Way.

Approaching Ashton West stop.

Ashton West stop.

Approaching Ashton with its big Ikea shed.

As we near Ashton we cross back to the side on a dedicated tramway.

Near Ikea.

Nearing the town centre.

The double turn back points outside Aldi.
Another tram can be seen at the Ashton stop.

Ashton town centre stop with the Pennines beyond.

Ashton stop.

Ashton stop and the council offices.

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