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22 August 13   Manchester and Salford.   Sunny.

A wander through Manchester and Salford city centres in the sunshine.

Canal Street

Minshull Street Crown Court building.
Thomas Worthington, 1867-73.  Grade II* listed.

The Rochdale Canal.

A glimpse of the Student Castle building.

hearmanchester waymarker on the Rochdale Canal.  Ten waymarkers
placed by the canalside link to ten brief audio programmes for an iPod
or mobile phone, each introducing a different theme in the heritage of the
city, and each accompanied by a map suggesting related destinations to
discover around town.

Salford University, Chapel Street.

The Lancashire Fusiliers Boer War Memorial, Chapel Street.
By George Frampton, R.A.

Former Manchester and Salford Savings Bank building (1885), Chapel Street.

Salford Cathedral (Cathedral Church of St. John the Evangelist).

The former Salford education offices building, Chapel Street.
Woodhouse and Willoughby, 1895.

Salford Cinema building, Chapel Street.  Originally built as a Scottish Presbyterian
Church in 1846, complete with tall spire. The present frontage was then added in 1912
and was opened as the Salford Cinema, one of the first in Salford and Manchester.
The cinema then changed to Rex Cinema in 1938 and survived until 1958 before it
became a bingo hall from 1967-1985. Now the New Harvest Christian Fellowship Church.

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