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Scotland, Western Isles.

18 June 13  part two.   St. Kilda.   Clearing skies and sunshine...!

The 'Orca III' and Oiseval on Hirta.

The gap between Dùn and Hirta.

First we visit the tunnel through Dùn.

Then across to Boreray and the stacks.

Boreray.  Highest point 384m and the smallest Scottish island with a summit of over 1000 feet.

Stac Lee, 172m, home to the world's largest colony of Northern Gannet.

Stac Lee and Stac an Armin.
I'm glad the other boat went first so I was able to include
it in most of the photos to show the scale of these cliffs.

'Awesome' is a grossly overused epithet these days but here I use it in
the true sense of the word - these cliffs and stacks were truly awesome.

Stac Lee.

Stac an Armin, 196m.



Passing the cliffs of Boreray.


On the eastern side of Boreray.

Northern Gannets.

Heading back to the Western Isles.

All on deck for a last look at the islands.

The 'Orca III'.

The Harris hills come in to view as we head back to Berneray.

We had to wait for the CalMac ferry to clear the jetty before we could get in.
After dropping off the large party we headed back to Leverburgh and the
biggest disappointment of the day - the mobile chip shop was shut...!

Thanks to Kilda Cruises for a great day.

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