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28 Feb 13   On and off the trams to Rochdale.  Sunny.
Yet another Metrolink extension opens today - Shaw to Rochdale.

At Rochdale Railway Station stop.

Newbold stop - the first stop out of Rochdale.

Approaching Newbold, heading for Rochdale.


Next stop, Kingsway Business Park.

Looking towards the next stop on the line, Milnrow.

Outbound to Rochdale.

The long straight stretch towards Rochdale.

Kingsway Business Park stop with the towers of Rochdale in the distance.

Next stop Milnrow.


Through the hills to Newhey.

Newhey stop.


Through the Beal Valley towards Shaw.

In the Beal Valley.

It gets quite rural around here.

A good view of Newhey and the Beal Valley from the hillside.

Even the horses were helping each other to get a better view.
At least I think that's what they were doing.....

At Jubilee, nearing Shaw.

Past Dunwood Park.

Approaching Shaw.

Shaw and Crompton stop and the magnificent Briar Mill.

At Shaw and Crompton.

From Shaw I jumped on a tram back to Rochdale....

....for a visit to the railway station coffee shop, as you do.

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