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27 Feb 13   On and off the trams into Manchester.  Sunny.

Street running on Ashton New Road, Clayton.

The old and the new - 1.  For a few metres the trams run alongside the Ashton canal.

Near the Velodrome the off-street section crosses the main road.

A detour to the cafe at the Velodrome.
A new feature, presumably for mountain bikers or skateboarders?

Back on track, near the City of Manchester stadium (or Etihad, if you must).

At the Etihad Campus stop, looking towards the city centre.

Etihad Campus stop.

On the off-street section down to Holt Town.

The old and the new - 2.  Under a Victorian railway bridge.

Approaching Holt Town stop.

Busy at the Holt Town stop.

Outbound from Holt Town.

Holt Town.

Back to street running on Merrill Street, Ancoats.

Merrill Street, Ancoats

Merrill Street.

The Fabrica development, Ancoats.  Recently completed.

Between the office and hotel buildings.

One of the old T68 trams, near Piccadilly station.

The old and the new - 3.  Bombardier M5000 and Firema T68.

On the turnback loop, Piccadilly station.

Into the undercroft at Piccadilly station.

The new car park at Piccadilly station, Cor-Ten weathered steel.

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