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3 Jan 13   John o'Groats, Caithness.  Sunshine.

Some welcome development at last.  The hotel is being refurbished and extended, and
there's also some newly built self-catering 'eco-lodges', both owned by Natural Retreats.
There's also a new cafe where of course it was necessary for me to sample, as you do, the
cappuccino and cake. And very nice they were too.

The 'Scandinavian style' extension to the hotel.

One of the self-catering 'eco-lodges'.

The hotel, due to re-open later this year.

Looking back to the harbour and hotel from the coastal path.

The harbour at high tide.

The summit of Warth Hill (124m), off the A99 just south of John o'Groats.

Sunset from Warth Hill.

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